Blood – X-Cultura (2011)

In my book, Blood was a cult Japanese band closely associated with visual kei, but they referred to themselves as a “gothic band”. It’s the first time when I heard of Blood from Alicante, Spain. The band was formed in 1999 by Jose Master – vocals and bass and Mado Javier Battery East Beneyto – guitar, vocals, sequences, and they played a blending of Goth and Industrial Metal. “X-Cultura” contains 11 brand new tracks including three remixes by Alien Vampire, Homicide Division and Obszon Geschopf. While those remixes sounds pretty EBM, the other 9 tracks sounds much darker and heavier, quite similar to the sound of Rammstein.

“X-Cultura” sounds strong and convincing, Blood put together good themes and hitting songs, the album have good pulse and groove, crushing guitars and intense electronic textures, it is quite a nice surprise.

Blood – on MySpace

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