The Haunted – Unseen (2011)

This guys from Gothenburg, Sweden managed to came out with the perfect blend of the traditional Melodic Death/Thrash with the modern, straight approach and sound of the later trends. And I’m gonna tell you right from the beginning: “Unseen” it’s another outstanding collection of heavy, consistent songs, all the 12 new tracks are killer ones, crushing constructions of modern metal, the three years passed from their previous material, “Versus”, worth the extended waiting.
Formed in 1996 on the solid foundation of the pioneering band of the Swedish metal scene At the Gates, The Haunted signed to Earache Records and released their debut, self-titled album in 1998. The original members were Anders & Jonas Björler, Peter Dolving, Adrian Erlandsson and Patrik Jensen. Meantime several changes were occurred, the actual line up consist of Peter Dolving – lead vocals, Anders Björler – lead guitars, Patrik Jensen – rhythm guitars, Jonas Björler – bass and Per Möller Jensen – drums. Bringing back in 2003 to the microphone of Dolving reinforced the band, and Peter have the ability to shift from brutal spitting to clean singing and his voice gave a distinct face to the band. Even if I admit, I discovered The Haunted through “Made Me Do It” from 2000 when the position of lead vocalist was filled by Marco Aro. And “Made Me Do It” was a killer album as well!
Dolving has described the album being “Epic. Danceable. Groovy. And very very arty farty metal. With this next record we are going to be taking a piss in the general direction of all the crappy 99.9 percent of generic contemporary Mr. Goatse jerks out there”. I think The Haunted is – at least one of – the best answer against all this so-called Alt Metal wave and trend, actually full of fakes and craps, and hell yeah, they took a piss on with this “Unseen”. “No Ghost” will stuck in your head at first listening, just like “All Ends Well” and most of their new songs. I will keep this one for a while in my player and play it fucking loud!

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