Letlive – Fake History (2011)

A classy, good-old fashioned hardcore record from L.A.’s Letlive. And still, Letlive looking forward, they blending perfectly the traditional hardcore approach with modern sounds and solutions. “Fake History” came out originally on Tragic Hero Records in 2010, but it is set to be re-released by Epitaph Records on April 12. We’ve got 14 (on the original release 11) very intense, high energy kicking tracks. It’s a very striking mixture of dark tone riffs, dizzy rhythms and tasty melodies. Jason Aalon Butler – vocals, Jeff Sahyoun and Nascimento – guitars Jean, Ryan Jay Johnson- bass and Anthony Rivera – drums find a path to bring together the frantic intensity of The Blood Brothers, the sonic complexity of At the Drive In, the unrestrained emotion of Glassjaw and industrial strength hardcore of Refused and the result is 100% Letlive.
It’s an absolutely promising debut album. Epitaph’s release of Fake History will include three brand new tracks “Hollywood, And She Did”, “Lemon Party” and the Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion) produced track “This Mime [A Sex Symbol].” They songs contain perfect balance of sonic aggression and unforgettable melodic choruses, but they introduce also colorful elements like tribal drums. I love “Muther”, “The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion” , “Renegade ’86”, “Homeless Jazz” and “Enemies (Enemigos)”. A name to remember, keep an eye on them!

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