Devour – The Sacred Union of Opposites

Ancient traditions over the world honor the sacred union of male and female and recognize the importance of balancing the masculine and feminine elements within each of us, as well as in the external world.  I’m kind of obsessed with this dualistic perspective of splitting “things” in Good and Evil, right and wrong, black and white, man and woman, us and them, and so on.There is no light without shadow, I think we denominated and divided one thing into two only to handle them easier, but meanwhile we create turbulence, disharmony and dis-functions. Unhappiness is generated by this kind of disequilibrium. The union between feminine and masculine energies, yin and yang, (Shakti and Shiva), is the basis for harmony in all of life. The understanding of our self and  the correct understanding of our relation with others, the balanced understanding  of male and female communion, will bring back not only the joy of life, but will reconnect us with the universe and the others. Therefore, we are in desperate need of a sense in our own existence which is in accord with the physical facts and which overcomes our feeling of alienation from the universe.

Love is one way to reconnect the body and the spirit and therefore the man and the universe.
Love is the driving energy of the universe. And once again: I think there’s no right way, but your way, one of the infinite paths which is wide open to anyone of us. Lovemaking is just one of many ways of restoring harmony and balance.

But sometimes love is misleading, sometimes is not about love, but selfishness and possession, love becomes devouring and it will eat up everything, even itself.


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