David Bowie – Toy – Unreleased Album from 2001 (2011)

In a world divided by zeros and ones, leaking out to the internet of most of the musical – and not only – products it’s not quit a surprise anymore. I already saw on the web materials scheduled to be released in May, June or even further. Instead hunting down bloggers and deleting blogs, feds and net-cops should concentrate on those guys who actually are stilling these stuffs from the studios or leaking them out from the offices of the record labels. On the other hand it’s quit funny, sometimes the artist is the primal source of the leak, it became some kind of “unconventional” promotional concept this kind of leaks. Anyway, I don’t know the source of this leak, but Sunday afternoon, March 20, 2011, a 256 kbps quality torrent of the full-length album was leaked online. The torrent is quite easy to find and meanwhile the album it’s all over on the file sharing sites as well. “Toy” consisting of 14 tracks recorded by David Bowie at the turn of the century and planned to released for a mid-2001 date. Due to problems with Virgin, Bowie’s record label at the time, it never saw the light of day.

Yesterday I was stoned by ““Is David Bowie Dead?”, the opening track from the collaborative work between Flaming Lips and Neon Indian and today I’m listening this “new” Bowie record, it’s kind of Magic, isn’t it? 🙂 A number of the songs from “Toy” were included on Bowie’s 2002 album “Heathen” and as B-sides to its various singles, but here we’ve got some different versions, so this is a really nice material.


1. Uncle Floyd
2. Afraid
3. Baby Loves That Way
4. I Dig Everything
5. Conversation Piece
6. Let Me Sleep Beside You
7. Toy (Your Turn To Drive)
8. Hole In The Ground
9. Shadow Man
10. In The Heat Of The Morning
11. You’ve Got a Habit Of Leaving
12. Silly Boy Blue
13. Liza Jane
14. The London Boys

It’s kind of incredible that the last album by Bowie – the fabulous “Reality” – was released eight years ago… It’s true, Bowie suffered an emergency angioplasty in Hamburg back in 2004 and since he slow down, reduced his musical output, but we’re still looking forward to hear something new from one of the most creative and intuitive artist of the last over five decades.

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