Boris – New Album (2011)

It’s pretty strange listening with one ear the loudspeaker and the new album by Boris and with one eye looking over the shoulder to the tv set, watching what’s going on in Japan, especially at the Fukushima Daiichi site. Boris planning to release three new albums this year, “New Album” was released on March 16, 2011, on CD through Tearbridge – an imprint of major label Avex, and on double LP through Daymare. The album is not planned to be released outside of Japan and the CD and LP feature different versions of several tracks. “Heavy Rocks” and “Attention Please”  are expected to be released in April and on the same day. And all this after in January we had a nice piece of work, the collaboration between Boris with Merzbow and the brilliant album “Klatter”.
The fifteenth studio album by Boris contains 10 brand new songs and this Japanese guys know how to rock.At the first listening actually I wasn’t quit excited, but this album somehow make his way slower, do not strike at first, but once the music made his way through, Boris revealed once again they true color and shine. It’s another collection of experiments in the large area of modern rock, Boris switch smoothly from one approach to another, blending easily from different tones and sounds of more or less contemporary music. Sometimes Boris took trips back to the 80s – even 70s, sometimes they looking further into the XXI century. “Flare”, “Hope”, “Party Boy” are interesting mixtures of rock and electronic musics, but my favorites are “Black Original” witch somehow reminds me of Marilyn Manson and “Spoon”, but “Pardon” it’s a nice lyrical one, and “Tu, la la” it’s an interesting experience. Boris made one more great record and I’m looking forward for the upcoming next two albums, they are always manage to surprise the audience.

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