VS – Just a sigh (Part 1), EP (2012)

Formed in 2004, VS it’s a French band playing a mixture of atmospheric and electro fueled Post-Rock. It’s hard not to compare it to Sigur Rós, but simultaneously, VS it’s quite different from the leading band of Iceland and their foggy, still soulful music.
“One” kicks in like a modern electro Rock anthem, it’s more related to Filter then to the nowadays fancy Shoegazer obscurity. VS manage to mix smartly electronic layers with acoustic instruments and the result it’s a very gentle, but groovy, pulsing music rooted back to very different genres.
Surprisingly, “Industrial”, the second track is a much quieter, mood and not groove oriented track. It’s a dark, but gentle track nicely coloured with strings and samplers.
The following “Exp” have a strong late Smashing Pumpkins taste and vibe, even Billy Corgan would be proud of it. Read more VS – Just a sigh (Part 1), EP (2012)