Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia died at 66

Paco De Lucia

Paco De Lucia BBC announced that world-renowned Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia has died aged 66 in Mexico, reportedly of a heart attack while playing with his children on a beach. R.I.P.!
Paco de Lucía, born Francisco Sánchez Gómez (21 December 1947 – 26 February 2014) was a Spanish flamenco guitarist, composer and producer. A leading proponent of the New Flamenco style, he was one of the first flamenco guitarists who has also successfully crossed over into other genres of music such as classical and jazz. Richard Chapman and Eric Clapton, authors of Guitar: Music, History, Players, describe de Lucía as a “titanic figure in the world of flamenco guitar”, and Dennis Koster, author of Guitar Atlas, Flamenco, has referred to de Lucía as “one of history’s greatest guitarists”.
De Lucía was noted for his innovation and colour in harmony and his remarkable dexterity, technique, strength and fluidity in his right hand, capable of executing extremely fast and fluent picados. A master of contrast, he often juxtaposes picados with rasgueados and other techniques and often adds abstract chords and scale tones to his compositions with jazz influences. These innovations saw him play a key role in the development of traditional Flamenco and the evolution of New Flamenco and Latin jazz fusion from the 1970s. Read more Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia died at 66

Former Iron Maiden Drummer Clive Burr has lost his battle with Multiple Sclerosis

Iron Maiden in a post on the band’s Facebook page reported that former drummer, the legendary Clive Burr, has lost his battle with Multiple Sclerosis.
“We are deeply saddened to report that Clive Burr passed away last night. He had suffered poor health for many years after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and died peacefully in his sleep at home.”
Clive Burr joined Maiden in 1979 after he left Samson, and he performed on the first three albums Iron Maiden (1980), Killers (1981) and The Number Of The Beast (1982). Clive also played with Alcatraz, Desperado, Elixir, Gogmagog, Praying Mantis, Stratus and Trust in his career.
Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Burr’s bandmate in Desperado, posted: “I just spoke to my friend Clive Burr 2 days ago to wish him a Happy Birthday. We shared stories and talked of great times together. I am saddened to hear he has Read more Former Iron Maiden Drummer Clive Burr has lost his battle with Multiple Sclerosis