Your Band Is A Virus! by James Moore [Expanded Edition]

your-band-is-a-virus Music business it’s a bitch. The worst type of. And only getting worst. Don’t matter what and how you play, don’t matter anymore how creative and innovative you are, but who you know, eventually, who’s ass you’re willing to kiss and how deep you’re willing to enter your tongue. Brutal? Welcome to the real world.
As a struggling artist for decades now, both trying to sell my visuals and my music, I know how unfriendly and impenetrable these industries are. Back in the 80s and 90s the record labels were like some distant planets for most of the bands, with the incredible growth of the internet and the now theoretically unlimited possibilities of DIY, the parameters are changed, but pushing through your work, still seems to be a hard nut to crack and not everybody succeeding. And well, when almost everybody’s singing, it’s kind of logical that nobody’s left to listen…
In this complicated and complex word of the music industry James Moore offers a bible of things to do to promote and push through your band; a step by step guide to bring to the surface your band and make it viral. But as James pointing out right from the beginning “you can bet there will be work”. Read more Your Band Is A Virus! by James Moore [Expanded Edition]