KXM – KXM (2014)

KXM - KXM (2014)

KXM - KXM (2014) This is how probably The Jimi Hendrix Experience would sound if they would be still around.
I was skeptical about this as I am skeptical about any type of so-called supergroups. And this is definitively a supergroup while we have here three rock icons such as Doug Pinnick of King’s X on vocals and bass; George Lynch of Dokken and Lynch Mob on guitars and Ray Luzier of Korn behind the drum kit. On the other hand I always loved the powerful rock trios such as Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Rush, Motorhead (Ace of Spades era!), Primus, The Police, Nirvana, Muse, etc. And then again, I had my reserves regarding King’s X because their Christian affiliation/association. Don’t get me wrong, don’t care about the faith of anybody, it’s their own PRIVATE matter, but I don’t like to mix music and faith issues and don’t like to be guided, less, listening preaches on guitar riffs. But then Pinnick’s announcement in 1998 of his homosexuality. Another thing I disapprove: your sexual orientation should be another PRIVATE matter, don’t make a thing out it! (“Metal God” Rob Halford of Judas Priest did the same controversy announcement back in 1998…) As a result, the self-proclaimed religion of love (and tolerance) re-trait the support of the band and removed King’s X records from their distribution through Christian book stores. So, Pinnick has since openly discussed his agnosticism and his belief that Jesus Christ was not truly the Son of God, however, band mates Tabor and Gaskill, have a background in Christian rock and self-identify as Christians.
Too many non music related issues cloud the music… This is a quite dis-balanced and twisted world, isn’t it? And sometimes all that non music related buzz cover and kill the music. Fortunately, not this time!
While King’s X was more off then on in the last decade, Doug Pinnick had numerous guest appearances and worked on several side projects lately (as Pinnick Gales Pridgen). Read more KXM – KXM (2014)