Ciclotrama – installations

Ciclotrama - installations

Mello + Landini is a collaboration between Brazil-based artists Janiana Mello and Daniel Landini. Together, they create an on-going series of installations called Ciclotrama, which consist of intertwining ropes that twist and unwind into organic forms like roots and trees.
To the artists, Ciclotramas illustrates the passage of time. The multi-strand cables can form one line, or they can fracture into separate trajectories that take on their own characteristics.

Ciclotrama - installations 2

Mello + Landini’s works are an exquisite sight that are simultaneously delicate and powerful, utilizing both gathered and splintered threads to create the juxtapositions. The bases of the installations are often the large ropes laid along the floor in either piles or as a long, meandering path. From there, the strands divide into smaller, more delicate branches. Their thin veins are tacked on walls or ceilings to view as a whole or admire separately.

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