From Mozambique To Minnesota Volume 2 featuring Rich Prewett (2014)

Rich Prewett From Mozambique To Minnesota Volume 2

Rich Prewett From Mozambique To Minnesota Volume 2 This is a quite ambitious and interesting project I had stumbled into a few years back and yes, I saw the opportunity in it and gave the link to my American guitarist friend Rich Prewett. If I recall it correctly, the first song he made was “Egoista”, then he did “Sonhar” and it was followed soon by another one. Rich did an awesome job mixing those African vocals with good old tasty blues flavors. I told him that it would be great if he put together a whole album out of it and that’s what he did!
And this is really good. Feel good, sound good. Rich Prewett is a quite experience and versatile musician and producer, he made miracles with those vocal stems. The music he created and performed around those vocal tracks it’s a vivid mixture of blues, rock, reggae and Latin vibes and sounds, but maintaining throughout a “world”, an universal flavor of it. This is extremely universal, but still, very particularly Rich.
I love it throughout!!

The story behind the Remixinhambane project it’s quite simple. Meeting a lot of amazing musical talents in Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world, Maximilian, the founder of Remixinhambane asked himself how he could help them to record and spread their musical ideas.HeI saw that he would not be able to produce all the songs and artists alone, so together with his partner Roland Pickl they decided to record only the vocals of their songs with a metronome click and a simple backing track. The idea was to make the tracks available for download, inspire other musicians and producers so they could help to arrange, remix and complete all these songs.
So many people around the globe have a home studio with amazing technological possibilities to record and arrange music, however our African artists don’t. But they have great ideas and voices – so it was all about bringing them together.

Rich Prewett took the original 14 vocal tracks they recorded in Studio Bom Dia in Inhambane, Mozambique, arranged and recorded all the music and produced a complete album out of it!

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On the other hand Rich Prewett spent his entire adult life (and much of my teen-hood!) as a touring and recording performer. While he did get some studio experience behind the board in analog studios, most of his time was spent on stage and in front of mic’s. A couple of years ago he started investing in and learning digital audio and now he own a small, but very complete project studio in his home. He have tracked and done sub-mixes for other studios all over the world and have collaborated with several different artists and musical projects. Rich is a trained and schooled musician, he can write, arrange, orchestrate, and yes, PLAY!

Check out more about Rich at his own website:
Soundyaudio Soundcloud

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