Snurfu – Play This Game (2014)

Snurfu 2014

Snurfu 2014 It’s not brain surgery, but only rock’n’roll and it feels good as it is. And probably it’s not much left to say because it’s that type of rock you love it or hate, but if you love it, you will have to play it loud and grab a beer!
While I have wrote about their debut EP “Bag of Bones” back in 2009, recently I wrote about Massive and their ass-kicker world-wide re-released debut album “Full Throttle” and it seems that the good old rock’n’roll it’s back in trends again. Well, probably it’s still not fancy as the electronic layers and bass drops, but I still can’t think of something better if you gonna have a party!
Fans of AC/DC and Massive will enjoy it, but it also have a nice glam/sleaze touch here and there. Sometimes feels like Poison and Motorhead are jamming together. Songs like “Boo”, “Stepto-Cock” or the title track will ringing in your ears for days. More like this, please!

And they deliver throughout some awesome, classic flavored rock tracks. The new singer bring plus energy to the band and this unpolished, garage perfumed rock proves to be alive and kicking, although it was buried alive several times already. So, don’t bring that shovel, but bring some air guitars!

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Official bio:

“Formed in 2009, Snurfu plays a raw rock’n’roll, a sweet mix of sweats and malt vapors.
In 2011, the band releases their first EP called ‘’Bag of Bones’’.
In 2012, they’ are selected for Tremplins Guitare en Scène and they win the Challenge Music Award during Festi’Cheyres.
In 2013, a new singer takes place and they prepare their upcoming album.
Recording and release of the album ‘’Play This Game’’ in 2014.
Driven by high energy, Snurfu is a kick-ass-live band. The stage is their place of debauchery!”

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