Animals As Leaders – The Joy Of Motion (2014)

Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion (2014) It is the third album by instrumental progressive (metal) group Animals as Leaders, introducing new drummer Matt Garstka along guitarists Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes. Three years after “Weightless” the band sound fresh and feels explosive. Wicked riffs, complex rhythmic structures and build-up, nice harmonic breakdowns and surprising turns are all part of their arsenal. Although I like jazz and instrumental jazz albums, I generally don’t like instrumental rock albums. Animals As Leaders have the creativity and intensity to capture my attention and it’s always a pleasure to take the ride through their albums. Song by song they build-up vivid, unexpected spaces and the mixture of sounds and styles their perform it’s outside the box, above genres. Between the subtle shades of “Air Chrysalis” and the heavy tones of “Tooth And Claw”, Animals As Leaders mix and merge

all those different flavors into their own blend of music.
It’s very alive, very intense, very creative. It’s Animals As Leaders. This is the perfect fusion of genres and sounds and an outstanding performance. This guys find the balance between technicality and soulful expression and that makes their music so exciting. A true joy of motions and emotions.
Produced by Misha Mansoor of Periphery, the album sounds flawless and alive.


1. Ka$cade
2. Lippincott
3. Air Chrysalis
4. Another Year
5. Physical Education
6. Tooth And Claw
7. Crescent
8. The Future That Awaited Me
9. Para Mexer
10. The Woven Web
11. Mind = Spun
12. Nephele

Buy it or steal it, mandatory!!

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