Backtrack – Lost In Life (2014)

Backtrack – Lost In Life (2014)

Backtrack – Lost In Life (2014) Pure, furious, edgy and old-school hardcore. There is nothing fancy, nothing meaningless, nothing just to fill in or fill up, but brutal riff, energy and honest, reasonable anger. And while honesty and being not a clown of the media and a dumb trend follower it’s quite rare, almost exceptional nowadays, Backtrack is an exceptional band with roots both back to punk and metal.
The Long Island bangers are stepping in the footsteps of their predecessors as Minor Threat, Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Biohazard – and delivering some raging anthems filled with killer riffs and upbeats. Let’s be honest! Nobody want to re-invent the hardcore, there is no secret, underground revolution going on, fans just want some loud and headbangable songs and pretty much that’s what Backtrack delivers more then fairly.

And from the opening “Their Rules” to the closing “The Way It Is”, the guys doing a great job, this is a powerful, straightforward album with 12 tracks to mosh your ass off.
Times are changing…. Punk and hardcore bands have Facebook profiles and twitter accounts and while “anarchy” seems to become only a cool logo on a Friday night T-shirt, the old-school riffs still have the same cutting through flesh and bones taste and makes you wanna scream and jump.
Have some personal favorites: Under Your Spell, Their Rules, Tortured, Play Safe, Lost In Life, and The Way It Is – but, just as I said, this is an intense throughout album
Digital download for 7.99 USD $ and can order the LP/CD and buy more Backtrack merch at
While most of the nowadays electronic flavored, techno-dance inspired, self-proclaimed hardcore bands are pretty boring and lame, I definitively prefer Backtrack and their old-school type of hardcore. Hardcore seems to be just like wine and a good bourbon!!

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