Ihsahn – Das Seelenbrechen (2013)

Ihsahn - Das Seelenbrechen (2013)

Ihsahn - Das Seelenbrechen (2013) Considered traitor, labeled hipster, Vegard Sverre Tveitan, better known as Ihsahn and probably most famous for his work with Norwegian black metal band Emperor, is one of the most talented and creative, innovative artists of our times. “Das Seelenbrechen” it’s his fifth solo release follow-up of his 2012’s “Eremita”.
Some old fans who followed him also through this first two solo albums, “The Adversary” (2006) and “angL” (2008) were later parted away while Ihsahn became more and more experimental and less attached to the classic metal sound and borderlines. “After” (2010) and “Eremita” (2012) were step by step departures from the conventional metal structures and arsenal and more into avant-garde and experimentation, exploration of the unknown and unconventional. And this is the path where Ihsahn continue to go further.

Some people will love it, others will hate it. I think it’s bold and exciting throughout. Not black metal, actually almost not metal at all, kind of quit genderless, but exciting music. It wasn’t made to satisfy any particular consumer, but it was made to open up new dimensions and paths, breaking the ground further, no matter what and where this journey will bring us.


01. Hiber 05:12
02. Regen 05:03
03. NaCl 04:24
04. Pulse 04:53
05. Tacit II 04:58
06. Tacit 04:36
07. Rec 02:26
08. M 04:39
09. Sub Alter 05:15
10. See 07:29

“Hiber” it’s an intense mixture of symphonic flavored power metal with electronic/industrial tension and black metal outfit. It’s technical, but heavy simultaneously – as only very few artists manage to be, but one of them is Ihsahn. We’ve got powerful riffs, nice pair of piano and solo guitar parts, blood spitting, black metal rooted screams and growls. It’s 100% Ihsahn.
“Regen” it’s build upon a very gentle piano theme only to grow into another tumultuous, symphonic/classical flavored metal hurricane with a twist of “Jesus Christ Superstar” aroma and some massive, impressive choruses.
“NaCl” it’s even further experimental, almost feels like Rush has gone industrial or at least post-modern electronic. It’s a true-blood progressive metal track, intense and groovy throughout, probably one of the most complex and creative tracks of the artist.

“Pulse” it’s a more spacy, chilled and subtle construction, pretty ambiental, but without becoming empty or boring as most of this type of tracks are nowadays.
“Tacit II” and “Tacit” are pushing those envelopes of searching and creativity over the edge and merging noises, black metal rooted screams and guitar riffs and unidentifiable sonar elements into a chaotic and grinding journey. “Tacit II” ending with an intense drumming part while “Tacit” it’s more a progressive metal composition colored with extreme and experimental elements. Harmonic, sometimes almost nice melodious elements are merged with bone-cutting riffs and breathtaking death screams.
“Rec” give our breath back and let us chill down, it’s start with a very quiet way only to grow into a jazz flavored, simple, but intense track with a strong riff and good tension.
“M” it’s even more quieter and mysterious only to ending up again in a progressive flavored, pretty dark track with King Crimson resonances. Clean, powerful guitars bring this one into another dimension and shows another side of Ihsahn’s creativity and sensibility.
“Sub Alter” sounds almost like a very minimal Queensryche track from their early years. It’s unexpected, but really cool with a nice, growing groove and a driven tension throughout.
“See” it’s a twisted out, dark trip, reminded me of Sunn O))) and other avant-garde/noise rock fueled experiments, but also with roots back to early Pink Floyd psychedelia. It’s pretty intense and captivating.

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