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“The award winning “” are a range of carefully designed micro-buildings that are highly sustainable, fast to erect and extremely adaptable. They can achieve zero carbon status, potentially meet Passivhaus standards and if doubled-up (which can be done at a later date), will meet Lifetime Homes Standards.
The building concept responds effortlessly to the occupants’ requirements, however varied. It can be personalised from the outset, but can easily change to meet individual tastes and preferences over time. The simplicity of the system will support different internal configurations and will allow it to be easily extended, either extruded along the length, or doubled-up.
It can be a small one bedroom home, a family home, a holiday home, an office, a classroom, a gym, or almost everything you can think of.

The main structure of a building, how it’s thermally insulated, understanding it’s vapour control and air-tightness is critical in ensuring it performs effectively and efficiently throughout it’s life.
We offer a choice of different cladding options, to either harmonise or even contrast with the dwelle.ings site context. Western Red Cedar is the standard option.
Doors and windows are probably one of the most noticeable elements of the main building envelope as they are obviously one of the most practical components but they give a building character. They need to open and close effortlessly whilst providing a good seal, be secure, perform well thermally and be low maintenance.
Although our buildings are extremely well insulated, when they do need heating, this system has to be as energy efficient as possible and easily controllable. Mechanical ventilation is supplies fresh air into the air-tight building, whilst recovering most of the heat.
are extremely low-maintenance and pressure tested to minimise any chance of leaks.
We use three different lighting suppliers, all low-energy, using mainly LED lamps.
We offer a wide range of different fittings that perfectly compliment the design of the dwelle.ings, providing a contemporary and spacious feel to the spaces.
We can supply a complete with all the finishes if required. Walls will be painted as standard, but we can wallpaper them, fit carpet, wooden flooring, linoleum, tiles or natural grass. We have a very wide range of styles and colours to choose from.”

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