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Bang-Ur-Byzant-2013 As you eventually know, maybe not, I run my own musical project. I intentionally avoided using the word band, because it’s not a band, but a project build upon virtual internet-based friendship and collaboration between one American guitarist, an Italian bass player turned into saxophonist and me, one more or less vampiric Transylvanian (ex) singer and sampler/keyboard abuser.
We worked quite hard in the last one year to build songs around my ideas and managed to deliver two quite adventurous EP’s with the involvement of some outstanding and talent friends of ours from the Indaba community.
The feedback was quite positive so far.

“This is a band that uses some very progressive structures and extremely talented musicians to create a really innovative and interesting sound.” (Matt Baggins at Two Guys Metal Reviews)

“If you have ever looked for anything novel, it’s right in the contents of this EP. The blend of dubstep born bass drops, elevator music, and all things Mike Patton intrigues the senses and demands replay after replay to hear something new each time. Furthermore, Bang Ur Head offers great execution from all of the instrumental counterparts and, despite the initial sense of chaos, it really comes out to be a cohesive work.” (Desiree Brown for Sound And Motion Magazine)

We’ve got almost production ready all of the tracks we intend to release on our upcoming first album, but I think we definitively need real drums to make this album not only better, but the real thing.
Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to play gigs around and save up money to reinvest in this band, our only and exclusive chance right now it’s to sell our EP and reinvest that money in the production of our album.
The latest and brightest idea it’s to invite several different drummers to track each two or three tracks. So, it will be really, really cool!
So, if you consider we do worth it, contribute to this effort by BUYING OUR EP and you’ll be included in our prayers and mentioned as sponsor on the album. Even further, you will receive the digital album three days before its official release!! The minimal contribution it’s set to $3, but the sky is the higher limit!!

As Well, you can listen and grab a pre-production incursion in the album:

And grab totally for free the first EP featuring two non-album tracks and 14 killer remixes!!

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