Tweaker – Call The Time Eternity (2012)

Tweaker - Call The Time Eternity (2012) Tweaker it’s the side project of drummer/programmer Chris Vrenna started after his departure from Nine Inch Nails in 1996. The album, The Attraction to All Things Uncertain, was Vrenna’s “solo” debut in 2001. The following “2 A.M. Wakeup Call” in 2004 also made the debut of guitarist/programmer Clint Walsh as a permanent fixture to the band and featuring a quite famous line-up of guest vocalists including David Sylvian, Will Oldham, Robert Smith, Burton C. Bell, Craig Wedren, Hamilton Leithauser, Buzz Osborne, Jonathan Bates and Johnny Marr.
Tweaker toured select North American dates with Skinny Puppy in 2004 and the live band line-up was consisting of Chris Vrenna (drums, percussion and keyboard), Clint Walsh (guitar and keyboard), Paul Ill (bass guitar and keyboards) and Nick Young (vocals).
There was rumors that Tweaker would release a new album in 2008, although no material surfaced, and in that period Vrenna worked with Marilyn Manson on his 2009 album “The High End of Low”.


As producer, remixer, or engineer Vrenna has worked with Lords of Acid, God Lives Underwater, Megadeth, Rammstein, Metallica, The Rasmus, U2, Weezer, P.O.D., David Bowie, The Perfects, Slipknot, Cold, underwater, Scarling., The Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Green Day, Live, Adema, the Wallflowers, TheStart, and Dir En Grey. He has also worked with the underground industrial group Pigface and produced songs and albums for underground girl groups TCR, Jack Off Jill, and Rasputina.
Vrenna has also created music for several video games, including Doom 3 (as producer with Clint Walsh), Quake 4, American McGee’s Alice, Enter the Matrix, Sonic The Hedgehog, Area 51, and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. In 2004, he started soundtrack work on Tabula Rasa, a massive multiplayer online game. He also helped compose the theme song to the animated series Xiaolin Showdown.
Vrenna won a Grammy award as a member of Nine Inch Nails for “Best Metal Performance” for Happiness in Slavery in 1995 for the live performance of the song on Woodstock ’94.

Crossing genres, mixing sounds and vibes, Tweaker it’s a musical exploration which incorporates from Synthpop and Industrial through Progressive Rock to modern Jazz and smartly layered electronica all kind of different styles. While the “Doom 3” theme was Heavy Metal-oriented and inspired, most of the Tweaker tracks are generally characterized by an unique vibe of melancholy.
“Call The Time Eternity” it’s another, chill, but simultaneously quite refreshing collection of 11 Vrenna branded tracks. My favorite is the wicked “I Don’t Care Anymore”, but really hard to pick among them while each have it’s own special taste and flavor, also love the hypnotic shades of “Grounded” or the pounding and pulsing, Nine Inch Nails feels-like “Areas Of The Brain”.
And quite nice to listening an electronic release which it’s modern, edge-cutting, but not Drum’N’Base/Dubstep flavored.


02. Nothing At All (feat. Jessicka Addams)
03. A Bit Longer Than Usual
04. Areas Of The Brain
05. Hoarding Granules
06. Getting Trough Many A Bad Night
07. Grounded (feat. KaRIN)
08. This Is Ridiculos
09. I Don’t Care Anymore
10. Wasted Time
11. Fine (feat. Abhorrent Derelict)

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