Mombu – Zombi (2012)

Mombu - Zombi (2012) I had listen this project last year and it nailed me down, Mombu’s debut effort made it to my list of favorite albums of 2011. They are back now and although “Zombi” seems to be the re-edition of the debut album, the only major difference is that “Intro 253” has been dropped and it was introduced the title track “Zombie” as a gift for the Black President Fela Kuti: mixed from Husky Hoskulds (Mike Patton, Tom Waits, Fantomas).
Mombu is a duo made of Luca T. Mai (of ZU) playing baritone saxophone and Antonio Zitarelli (of NEO) playing the drum and merging the explosive and subversive spirit of improvisation and Free jazz with the grinding and furious raging of (Post) Hardcore, but including tasty aromas of Afro beats and hypnotizing Voodoo vibes. This is something absolutely fresh, genuine and…. murderous.


If you like the Norwegian Shining, if you feel the vibe of the experimental outfit The Thing, but you still a headbanger, Mombu will definitively grind you to the ground with this mind-blowing release.
So, we’ve got the Limited Edition Vinyl 500 which are on beautiful red vinyl, 180gr, and also includes the physical CD copy in a cartoon sleeve 350gr. which are not for sale otherwise, but for free only with the vinyl for €17.
Still, can download the digital version for only €7 in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, etc.

Innovative and absolutely exciting, this is hell of a ride, mandatory for free spirits and open minded people who love Music and do not think of it in genres and labels. If you miss somehow the last year release, this is your chance now!

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“Zombie” vinyl @ Bigcartel

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