Neurotech – Decipher Vol. 1 (2012)

While their previous album, “Antagonist” is still available as free download, Neurotech moved forward, their new album will be release as a series of EPs and the first (Vol.1) was released as a free download, Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 – can get it from HERE (name your price).
Neurotech was formed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, back in 2007 by Wulf and they delivering a pounding mixture of Metal, Gothic and Industrial elements. Vicious riffing and complex electronic layers are merged into one, the powerful Metal is melted into the spacy, cinematic trance/ambiental electro music and spiced with Gothic romanticism. It’s an electrifying experiment, harmonies, strong choruses and deep textures, grinding guitars are make perfect match here.

We’ve got 4 tracks, an excellent mixture of Metal and Electro music with the tasty, gloomy Gothic aroma. The opening “The Cyber Waltz” reminded me of Tom G. Warrior’s Celtic Frost. Eventually a further, updated version of it, but that heavy, dark taste is definitively there. And the darkness and heaviness is all over their songs while the sound is more intense and mature, balanced and looking further.
And Neurotech delivering not only songs, but vibes, managed transferring feelings through sounds.

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