John Zorn – Nosferatu (2012)

John Zorn – Nosferatu (2012) Over one hour of genius and madness. Zorn strikes again and by his side are guys like Bill Laswell on bass, Kevin Norton playing vibraphone, drums, orchestral bells, tibetan prayer bowls, Rob Burger on piano and organ, while Zorn killing his piano, alto saxophone, Fender Rhodes, and build some dark electronic layers.
Always full of surprises, Zorn delivered another masterpiece, “Nosferatu” is a pearl, a rare diamond, dark, deep, still shining and colorful album, I do my best to avoid to stick to it any label, although this is definitively Jazz, but it’s blended with million subtle shades of sound kicking off from furious Metal hurricanes (as in “The Battle of Good and Evil”) to mystic, charmingly strange and abstract moments of silence and disturbing noises (as in “Hypnosis”).

Nosferatu appeared as a synonym for “vampire” first mentioned by Emily Gerard and popularized by Bram Stoker.
The album was released on 20th April 2012, on the 100 Anniversary of Bram Stoker’s death.
This is an exciting, groovy intercourse into the secret and unrevealed corners of the dark side. And Zorn just happened to be the perfect guide. Hypnotic and addictive, this 16 stations of ecstasy and revelations are part of an endless journey of knowledge and assemblage. Deeper you get, less you know and want to go even further, want to know more. So, close your eyes and listen with your soul and hopefully Nosferatu won’t get you.


01 – Desolate Landscape
02 – Mina
03 – The Battle of Good and Evil
04 – Sinstera
05 – Van Helsing
06 – Fatal Sunrise
07 – Hypnosis
08 – Lucy
09 – Nosferatu
10 – The Stalking
11 – The Undead
12 – Death Ship
13 – Jonathan Harker
14 – Vampires at Large
15 – Renfield
16 – Stalker Dub


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