General Lee – The End of Bravery promo

GENERAL LEE never stopped to look forward their own definition of chaos, melting intensity, blackness and emotion in a shape that belongs to abrasive hardcore music. Their plays with feelings and contrasts by creating a tense climate near to the break. Icy and oppressive atmospheres, heavy and melancholic riffing are mixed ton an abrasive hardcore and a blowing off and cathartic screaming. A music that blurs and destroys the usual plans to be reconstructed in pain. GENERAL LEE played over 100 gigs with bands like CULT OF LUNA, BARONESS, WILL HAVEN, KEELHAUL, MISERY INDEX, MADE OUT OF BABIES and many more..
“The End of Bravery” is the first extract of the next album which will be released on September 1st.

Looking forward to listen the whole album, “The End of Bravery” sounds sick!

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