Environments – 2 (2012) – free download

Ambiental experiment, both strange and intimate, have the exotic smell of a country-side field-recording re-shaped with post-industrial, urban noises. When Alex “Para” Ghita decide to involve more noisier with his drums in the flowing build-up of the tracks, its reminds me of Sigur Rós, although I admit it, I have no serious references in this field of experimental music.
Environments is a Bucharest (Romania) based experimental ensemble build around Stefan Panea’s compositions involving with help from Alex “Para” Ghita on the drums and Marius Costache on effects and noise shaping. The project is already on its second release, starts with the forth track, exactly from where the first release left off in 2011.

This is a journey, a free ride, a moment of meditation, exploration, reconstruction, ultimately re-definition of ourselves and our world as it is and as it seems/sounds. Words are kind of useless. This is about perception.
In my perception ecology must started with ourselves and our souls.

Environments 1
Environments 2

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