Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise (2010)

Nicolas Jaar released his debut album, “Space Is Only Noise” in May of 2010 to critical acclaim, receiving a score of 8.4 “Best New Music” from Pitchfork and four stars from The Guardian. It was ranked #1 album of the year by Resident Advisor, Mixmag, Crack Mag, #2 by DJ Mag and #20 by Pitchfork. His track “Don’t Break My Love” also received BNM by Pitchfork in late 2011.
Probably I would never heard of if Justin Nozuka at the remix contest of “How Low” would not mention that he is looking for a remix in a deeper, ambient vein of James Blake’s “Klavierwerke” or Nicolas Jaar’s “Space Is Only Noise”.

Jaar was born in New York on January 10, 1990 to Alfredo Jaar and Evelyne Maynard and moved to his father’s native Chile when he was two. He and his family lived there for six years before moving back to New York.[1]Jaar met Soul Keita and Nikita Quasim on a school trip through the Sonora desert in Mexico. The three bonded over music and began swapping beats and projects online. In 2009, Jaar started Clown & Sunset as a way to legitimize their music.
Jaar’s music is ruminative and emotional (he calls it “blue-wave”), drawing inspiration from fellow-Chilean Ricardo Villalobos and minimal techno. Most of Jaar’s compositions reside at 100 BPM or lower, far lower than the techno/house standards of 120-130 BPM. “I’m going to keep taking the beats even slower,” he said.
Jaar currently studying comparative literature at Brown University, Rhode Island. Jaar is also the owner and founder of his own record label and art house Clown & Sunset.

Have patience till “Too Many Kids Finding Rain In The Dust” and you will be not only surprised, but conquered. And “Space Is Only Noise” is full of colors and surprises.

Jaar toured off the album with a full band, combining sounds from his laptop with a guitarist, drummer, and saxophonist.

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