Kachu Mx – Sheriff Fuck You, EP (2012)

From Juarez, Mexico, DJ Kachu Mx started in 2007 to produce some experimental beats with the influence of commercial genres merging minimal, dark techno and twisted house. His first successful EP “Dark Rider” was released by Miniaturesrec Phunk Investigation Label, since, Kachu Mx has worked with several labels.
Clubstream bring to our ears another heavy set of pounding beats and rambling basses, this four track EP will fill up the speakers on late nights and early mornings. “Sheriff Fuck You”, “Don’t Be Afraid”, “El Diseñador Constantino” and “Drogba” will set the couch on fire and banish the sleep away.

Turn up the volume!

Clubstream/Substream Green
Kachu Mx @ Beatport
Kachu Mx @ MySpace

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