Galactic – Carnivale Electricos (2012)

Although I listen and I really enjoy lot of Jazz music, I’m the first to admit, I’m not an “expert”, and by the way, generally speaking I’m not an “expert” and anyone who claims he (she) is one, he (she) is a pretender (and liar). Gee! 🙂
Now let’s get back to Galactic.
Originally formed in 1994 as an octet, under the name Galactic Prophylactic, they delivering a mixture of electric Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz. I get to listen them because behind the drum kit it’s Stanton Moore, who played in Corrosion Of Conformity, knowned him from Garage A Trois, the Stanton Moore Trio, Midnite Disturbers, played with jazz-funk keyboardist Robert Walter, with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Boots Riley of the Coup on the project Street Sweeper Social Club, with Dragon Smoke and MG5.

Quote the original release note: “CARNIVALE ELECTRICOS is beyond a party record. It’s a carnival record that evokes the electric atmosphere of a whole city – make that, whole cities – vibrating together all on the same day, from New Orleans all down the hemisphere to the mighty megacarnivals of Brazil. Armed with a slew of carnival-ready guests—including Cyril and Ivan Neville, Mystikal, Mannie Fresh, Moyseis Marques, Casa Samba, the KIPP Renaissance High School Marching Band, and Al “Carnival Time” Johnson (who remakes his all-time hit)—GALACTIC whisks the listener around the neighborhoods to feel the Mardi Gras moment in all its variety of flavors.”
And once again, Galactic delivered a quite refreshing mixture of Blues, Funk, Rock, Jazz and… good vibes. Feel like party? Feel like carnival? Galactic will make you shake your money maker!


01 – Ha Di Ka
02 – Hey Na Na
03 – Magalenha
04 – Voyage Ton Flag
05 – Out In The Street
06 – Julou
07 – Move Fast
08 – Karate
09 – Guero Bounce
10 – Carnival Time
11 – Attack
12 – O Coco Da Galinha
13 – Ash Wednesday Sunrise

Galactic – Official Site
Galactic – on MySpace

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