The Walla Recovery – With Trembling (2012), EP, free download

The cello-folk quartet The Walla Recovery delivering through NoiseTrade this 7 track EP for free download. Start they musical journey back in 2001, The Walla Recovery mentioning as influences bands like Yo-Yo Ma, Nickel Creek, Goo Goo Dolls, but reminded me of a more melancholic Smashing Pumpkins or The Cure as well. I like how the cello gives a dark shine for this songs, everything is smoothly arranged and gently performed. Labeled eventually “Chamber-Folk-Rock”, this is a very tasty experience. Warm and very humanly close.
So, listen and grab the download, consider leaving a tip if you’d like what you hear and want them to make more music.

The Walla Recovery – Official Site
The Walla Recovery @ Bandcamp
The Walla Recovery @ NoiseTrade
The Walla Recovery @ Facebook
The Walla Recovery @ Twitter

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