Time and Energy – Strange Kind of Focus (2012)

Time and Energy Strange Kind of Focus 2012 It’s not strange kind of focus, but rather out of focus. Time and Energy delivering a strange mixture of Afro-beats, Blues/Country/Folk roots and Beck flavored Indie vibes with some Rufus Wainwright taste-like vivid whatever. “Loop Rock”? Eventually. But pretty hard to chew being not under influence and the taste is questionable. And well, I’m quite trained to listening anything, even considering the construction site next to my building a musical revolution. When the 7th track, “Sitting On a Scale” started almost as a classic The Beatles song, it was a release. Up till then, “Strange Kind of Focus” sounded like a mixtape on acid. The very next “O’Molly” have that raw wickedness of some early The White Stripes tracks, it’s that kind of perfect menage of Blues and Indie/Garage Rock – and it’s probably the best moment of the album. And the following “Think it Through” it’s not that bad too, or simply I get used with their layered and sometimes antagonist sound. The closing “Acid Jam” it’s build upon a Latino foundation, but just as its title suggest, it’s an Acid Jam, after a few pleasant seconds the whole thing get out of control and became quite dangerous.
This is an experiment and I do respect that. The result? Well, not really sure of. “Name your price” for the digital download it’s a fair approach and listen first at your own risk. I would start with track 7 or 8. Read more Time and Energy – Strange Kind of Focus (2012)