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Street Art by Fauxreel

Street artist Dan Bergeron-better known as Fauxreel- talks about aesthetics and purpose in his work. (more…)

Category: Art, street art
Category: Art, street art

Urban Mural in São Vicente de Fora

The mural was inaugurated late last year so it’s still pretty low on people’s radars (meaning prime photo posing opps without millions of people swarming in – yay). Saraiva spent two years working on the huge hand-painted mural, which is made up of more than 50,000 tiles. It’s playful brushstrokes and bright colours are certainly eye-catching to say the least. (more…)

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Jonathan Pauwels Yellow painted in the small town officers DDE or municipal employees with their orange safety vests that pass the time as they are playing with their environment.

Street art by Jonathan Pauwels Yellow (more…)

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“Big Trash Animals is a series of artworks that aims to draw attention to a current problem that is likely to be forgotten, become trivial or a necessary evil. The problem involves waste production, materials that are not reused, pollution and its effect on the planet. The idea is to depict nature itself, in this case, animals, out of materials that are responsible for its destruction.”

Big Trash Animals (more…)

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Category: Art, Photo, street art

Reverse Graffiti

Instead of spray painting walls, reverse graffiti artists clean parts of walls to create “reverse graffiti” images. It is also know as clean tagging or dust tagging, as it is environmentally friendly, and requires no spray paint, ink and other chemicals – just like the traditional “Wash Me” on dirty cars. (more…)

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Category: Art

Street Art by Nikita Nomerz

On the bank of the “Oka” river in the Nizhny Novgorod the project “Living walls” has been started in 2010 from the first street art object – “Big Brother”. Subsequently it was beginning of the new series of street works, which have a common idea of giving second life to old, an abandoned buildings. Feature of art works in the different parts of Russia is interacting with the environment which brings faces and different characters and emotions to the walls. Architectural elements, window and cracks on the object become part artworks. (more…)

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