Victorian Halls – Charlatan (2011)

This isn’t Metal, but I love its vibe and it’s noisy enough. But if you ask me, “Burn Me Up Like a Wax-Kissed Letter” it’s heavier than most of the so-called “alternative metal anthems” the media try so hard to sell us day after day. And when a band labeled “Pop” becomes heavier than bands labeled “Metal”, it’s something very wrong with this world we’re pissing on.
Juggling between Noisecore and Power/Dance Pop, this Chicago four-piece band find an exciting crack on the music pallet to breaking through at and “Charlatan”, the band’s debut album comes crushing like a hurricane with songs as “A Crush Is A Crush”, the retro dizziness of “Lucky 16” or the bursting energy of “It All Started In The Hall” and won’t let you (sit) down for a second, leave no space to take even a breath.
This is the future sound of the dancefloor and it’s definitively makes you jump off your shoes and do some crazy things. Read more Victorian Halls – Charlatan (2011)