Lands of Past – Neverending Story (2012)

Lands Of Past is chemistry like love. Or magnetism. Dark vibes, gloomy depths and sensitive, smooth, whisper-like melodies and intense guitar riffs are merged together to guide us through Heaven and Hell, a journey of lights and shadows, hopes and fears, love and desperation, hate and forgiveness. This is our endless journey and our neverending story. This is our life, and this is love. Sadness and struggle.
After the self produced demo entitled “Call” released in 2005 and the debut album released through Thundering Records in 2008, “Call Of The Depths”, Lands Of Past are back with 10 brand new, dark, melancholic and disturbing tracks on their second full-lenght “Neverending Story”. Read more Lands of Past – Neverending Story (2012)