Katrin the Thrill – Evil Eye Charm (2012)

Katrin the Thrill reminds me of a young Patti Smith, she could be a drowning in melancholy PJ Harvey or a sober Courtney Love, possibly a less gloomy, but still dark enough Melissa Auf der Maur. Having some strong Post-Rock resonances, Katrin the Thrill exploring the path between building upon gentle acoustic layers and tearing the dreams apart by screaming guitars and pounding drums. A woman might seems sexy and fragile, but she is eventually even further dangerous and deadly when she strikes. “Evil Eye Charm” it’s like a walk through Wonderland: never really know what will jump off to you behind the next song. And this is definitively a positive tension which keeps your attention sharp throughout the album while every song has it’s own little Magic, it’s a painting with sounds from another universe.
One of my favorites is the closing “Warmer” because it’s not only warmer with some sparkling piano chords, but gave us the much anticipated release. But I love equally the whole journey from the pulsing start with “Losing” which kind of throw us into the eye of the rising hurricane, through the theatrical break-downs of “Under The Skylight” or the gentle chords of “Lyds”. Classic in the most possible positive sense, but out of the patterns, experimental, explorer, looking further, breathing and alive. Pretty charming journey actually, no fill-ups, no empty or useless spaces (moments), but struggling emotions throughout. Read more Katrin the Thrill – Evil Eye Charm (2012)