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The Unified Esoteric Tarot deck is a standard 78 cards Tarot deck, resulted from 25 years of research, study and practice. I provide a modern instrument of prediction, self-exploration and self-development based on both the ancient teachings and modern psychology. Moreover, also an instrument of self-observation and self-remembering, based on to the teachings of I.G. Gurdjieff.
The main idea at the foundation of this deck was to reveal the hidden connection between all the branches of the esoteric sciences and provide a very intuitive instrument both for beginner and advanced Tarot practitioners. (more…)

Rune Astro-navigation

For a while i was thinking about making something with Eldar runes, transmutation and magical circles. So, when i start drawing i thought that it will be cool to make some 3d thing about astro-navigation, something like astrolabe. And i made this concept. (more…)

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