150 albums of 2011 – from 101 to 150

Naisian – Mammalian (2011) naisian – Mammalian (2011) Far off from the Brit scene and tends, Naisian from Sheffield, brings to the surface a tumultuous, contorted metal with roots back both to the classic Black Sabbath sound and the mixture of sludge and post-hardcore riffs, in their music is a perfect balance between dark and noisy elements and sometimes psychedelic, other time warm and calm, spacy moments. James Borrowdale – guitar and vocals, Adam Zejma – guitar and vocals, Micheal Aitken – bass and vocals and Jordan Garlick – (only 🙂 ) drums, create a quite exciting and unique blending of intense metal and avantgardist surfing. “Mammalian” can be listen and downloaded (“name your price”) from the band’s Bandcamp page. It worth every minute and every penny. Read more 150 albums of 2011 – from 101 to 150

150 albums of 2011 – from 51 to 100

The Famine – The Architects Of Guilt (2011) “The Architects of Guilt” is the second full-length album by the death metal band The Famine released the February – months before I started this website and although I had write a review back then, it wasn’t translated for this and while I deleted my blog meantime, it’s actually lost. The album had a quite contorted story,vocalist Kris McCaddon left the band before the recordings and bassist Nick Nowell took over his duties. After the recordings, the band’s studio burned down in February 2010. They lost not only all of their equipment, but also the tracking for their album. So, their label, Solid State payed for a new recording session and the band re-recorded the material. Read more 150 albums of 2011 – from 51 to 100

150 albums of 2011 – from 1 to 50

For me it’s kind of mission impossible to strip down the music of 2011 to a top 10 or something. And definitively it would be totally unfair.
I had a few expectations, I had a few surprises and a few disappointments, it was a busy year with too many releases, a quite mad over dumping it’s going on in the music industry in the last couple of years, I guess mainly because of the massive piracy, but also because lately everybody singing, nobody’s listening, kind of: there are more people on the stage than in the audience. At least almost. Unfortunately not everybody is talented, gifted as well, but eventually better promoted. Music became a product, not a way of expression and communication, it’s… strictly business. But I still love the music, I’m addicted. I had listen and I wrote about a few hundred albums this year. Read more 150 albums of 2011 – from 1 to 50