King Crimson – Radical Action (2016)

King Crimson - Radical Action (2016)

King Crimson - Radical Action (2016) Actually the full title is “Radical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind” and features a comprehensive account of the 2015 live performance in Japan of the ever evolving creative entity that is commonly known as King Crimson.
It has been stated that King Crimson is not so much a band as it is “a way of doing things”. Different incarnations had quite different “ways of doing things” and this recordings are a very expressive audio and visual statement from the current band. The current line-up of King Crimson consist of Robert Fripp – Guitar & keyboards, Tony Levin – Basses & stick, Mel Collins – Saxes & flute, Jakko Jakszyk – Guitar & voice, Gavin Harrison – Drums, Pat Mastelotto – drums and Bill Rieflin – Drums & keyboards. Never saw or heard before three drummers in a rock band playing together! Talking drum get another sense here!
Robert Fripp commented about this 3 CD/1 Blu-ray set that “this is King Crimson….re-imagined”. Some of the material has not been performed live since the 1970s, although the songs were rearranged to suit the current line-up.


Three themed CDs of material recorded in 2015, each forming a separate discrete performance with audio selected from a variety of shows and fully mixed from multi-track tapes by Chris Porter, Robert Fripp and David Singleton. As no audience is audible between tracks, this allows for a “virtual studio album” effect.
Some might think this is dedicated to their most devoted followers, but no! This is a must have if you want to understand what makes a band formed in the 60’s still one of the greatest bands in 2016.
Can’t complain about the tunes nor the performance. On the other hand, the video production is annoying.


1. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic Part One
2. Radical Action (to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind)
3. Meltdown
4. Radical Action II
5. Level Five
6. The Light of Day
7. The Hell Hounds of Krim
8. The ConstruKction of Light
9. The Talking Drum
10. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic Part Two

1. Peace
2. Pictures of a City
3. Banshee Legs Bell Hassle
4. Easy Money
5. Vrooom
6. Suitable Grounds for the Blues
7. Interlude
8. The Letters
9. Sailor’s Tale
10. A Scarcity of Miracles

1. Red
2. One More Red Nightmare
3. Epitaph
4. Starless
5. Devil Dogs of Tessellation Row
6. The Court of The Crimson King
7. 21st Century Schizoid Man

King Crimson - Radical Action (2016)

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