Vintage Cigar Box Art

Vintage Cigar Box Art

“Growing up in Houston in the mid-nineties — and of course blazing a ton of schwag — I’ve rolled and smoked more blunts than the typical marijuana smoker; White Owls, Phillies (Blunts and Titans), Backwoods, Swishers, Optimos and many more. Even when I abandoned smoking schwag, I still preferred rolling my reefer up in a cigar. Though instead of the larger cigars, I began using cigarillos or mini-cigarillos.
Now, most people purchase their cigars in singles or by the pack, rather than by the box. I’ve bought a few boxes of cigars in my lifetime, mostly while in college and high school, and I can tell you that while the boxes make great storage containers, the artwork on their covers and insides are drab in comparison to the cigar boxes of old. There’s really no comparison. Just take a look at the vintage cigar box covers below and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about. Big Tobacco, bring back the decorative cigar boxes of the 1800s and early 1900s! You’ll even have non-smokers buying them.”

Vintage Cigar Box Art 02

Vintage Cigar Box Art 03

Vintage Cigar Box Art 04

Vintage Cigar Box Art 05

Vintage Cigar Box Art 06

Vintage Cigar Box Art 07

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