PNL – Pegazusok Nem Léteznek

PNL - Pegazusok Nem Léteznek

PNL - Pegazusok Nem Léteznek Music it’s dead. Too many times too many people stated this to matter anymore. I gave up on music lately because everything sound like something I already heard and I’m pretty bored. And tired.
Pegazusok Nem Léteznek it’s a relatively new Hungarian band and reminds me of Nine Inch Nails, respectively How to Destroy Angels. Pop music. Modern, consistent pop music, not that fancy lemonade!
It’s a little bit gloomy, a little bit indie, electronic and sometimes shoe gazing – or meditative if you prefer, minimalist, but catchy. It’s a strange dream, but you don’t wanna wake up from it.
Eszter Ács – vocals and keyboards, Domokos Lázár – guitar and vocals, Lázár Ágoston – drums and Róbert Németh – bass guitar find something beautiful, something of their own.
I stumbled into them accidentally while I was digging up news about one of my old favorites: Európa kiadó.
Last year, as a 30 years homage, the Hungarian label Recorder released a tribute album to Európa kiadó’s classic album “Jó lesz” released originally back in 1984. The track called “Így vonulunk be” was performed by Pegazusok Nem Léteznek and it’s absolutely marvelous! You can listen the whole album on the label’s SoudCloud page.

You can find several EP’s on their Bandcamp page, most of them in the good Bandcamp tradion of Name Your Price. By donating you will support artists!!
The music industry might be filthy, as all the industries it’s probably corrupted to the bones, but music it’s still not dead and there is still a spark ready to explode!
Keep this name in mind: Pegazusok Nem Léteznek! (Pegasus Don’t Exist)

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