Random Being – World Without Memory (2014)

Random Being World Without Memory 2014

Random Being World Without Memory 2014 In a world of predictability, of products and fakes, art became a sub-product and a merchandise. It’s more important to lock-up on a large target and sell your stuff, then do something special. Tits are more important then talent and well, ass-kissing it’s more productive then any original idea. I only and always can quote Jello Biafra and his bitter-prophetic “Chickenshit Conformist” (“Ideas don’t matter it’s who you know. If the music’s gotten boring it’s because of the people who want everyone to sound the same…)
Pop music – a term that originally derives from an abbreviation of “popular” – it’s a generic genre which originated in its modern form in the 1950s, deriving from rock and roll. Rock and roll lost its sense, meaning and consistence, became a cliche while popularity last less then 15 minutes and with proper media support anybody can be a star nowadays where few people are still playing rock and roll (generically speaking) because they feel the need to play, very few people are doing music for the love of music or because they feel the need to express themselves, to communicate, to have fun doing it or – eventually -to find another path, to reveal a previously unexplored universe.
Random Being it’s an on-line creative collective and their collaboration bring to the surface a magical-mystery world of sounds and emotions, grooves and emulations. Self label it “avant-pop”, their universe it’s a melting pot of different genres and flavors, it’s a place of psychedelia, space and progressive rock, fever-burned rhythmics, contorted samplers and sound manipulations, jazz grooves and tango fueled passions. It might be post-pop as well – while post became the new (fashionable) porn. Think of David Bowie, P.I.L., Peter Gabriel and Pink Floyd jamming in the same room.

While they were inspired by all those impressive predecessors, they discovered their own path and build their own universe of music.
“World Without Memory” it’s an exciting and breath-taking journey, while each song it’s a differently spiced dish of sounds and emotions, all these songs are subtlety inter-connected and making together an organic whole. In a world of one-hit wonders and singles – this is another odd rarity.
Still, you can buy for $0.99 any of these songs or download the full album for only $8.99. Buy the whole album and you won’t regret it! It’s an unique experience of merging sounds, emotions, genres and digging up the true values from the past and transcode them into the future.

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