Foxe Basin’s Get It Together [Neon Disco RMX]

Foxe Basin Get It Together

Foxe Basin Get It Together Foxe Basin is a shallow oceanic basin north of Hudson Bay, in Nunavut, Canada, located between Baffin Island and the Melville Peninsula. For most of the year, it is blocked by ice floes.
The nutrient-rich cold waters found in the basin are known to be especially favorable to phytoplankton and the numerous islands within it are important bird habitats, including Sabine’s Gulls and many types of shorebirds. Bowhead whales migrate to the northern part of the basin each summer.
The basin takes its name from the English explorer Luke Foxe who entered the lower part in 1631. Born in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, Luke Foxe searched for the Northwest Passage across North America. In 1631, he sailed much of the western Hudson Bay before concluding no such passage was possible. Foxe Basin, Foxe Channel and Foxe Peninsula were named after him.
I’ve got not the slightest clue if Miss Foxe Basin is anyway relative to the late Luke Foxe or why for the love of God she chose such an unusual artist alias as Foxe Basin. What is even more intriguing is her album cover. It’s definitively the most horrible cover I have seen this year! Don’t even wanna figure out what the heck it represent!! And don’t tell my that I have a dirty mind because I really have one ( ­čść ), but this album art is still the ultimate proof of bad taste! Maybe the words of wisdom that don’t judge a book by its cover might be applied again, but this cover it’s definitively a start with the wrong foot while first impression generally last forever.
Now she’s looking for some exposure and get one of her songs up on Indaba for being dismembered and remixed. Second “wrong foot” it’s this track called “Get It Together” which open the 6 track album and was picked to be remixed. It have a pretty cool, distorted bass riff, but honestly speaking, that’s all what it is. Somebody commented on the song: “Definitely not musical song …. That’s the best example how music industry productions just going to the dogs these days …funny and so sad!” (referring also to that horrible cover). Well, I kind of like that not musical idea and strip down to the basics type of club-banger, straight forward, little bit old-school sounding techno song. It’s not that bad, but definitively one of the most weakest track out of the six, so, a facelift, a smart remix seems to be a good choice and a smart move.
I had hard time with the vocal track. First of all it was multi-tracked and pretty hardly treated/damaged with compression, reverb and delay. Secondly, except the first “verse” her singing was not very tight to the beat, so it was kind of too sophisticated to edit it, chop it up, stretch it all over, I used only that first verse and made a few small adjustments.
Did a kicking, banging, minimal underground club version with hardcore drum beats and some sick and noisy synths. Write a new song around the vocal track, did not use anything else from the original, not even that cool, fuzzy bass riff.

It’s the Holidays season, so, I decide it to vote for each one of the remixes submitted to this action (not really a contest, isn’t it?) although I know this is a pool of sharks where everybody pretending to be a sheep, but honestly there is no room for support each other, there is no room for love, sometimes not even for respect! Not really expecting from you guys to do the same! ­čść
But at least can give a like to her FB page:
Happy Holidays fckrs!!

Surprisingly, the rest of the album it’s much more musical and enjoyable, somewhere half way between old school new wave and indie pop. She wanted some exposure, she get some!! Actually I’m quite curious how many respectable Indabians will remix her track while no actual/material reward it’s included and we all know pretty exactly what “royalties on any future revenue generated from the remix” means.

“Forged from the smoldering Southern embers of producer Kent Rockafeller and the carven-ice gleam of Canadian singer Joanie Wolkoff, Foxe Basin stands apart from the dance genre’s diaspora in its unrelenting commitment to cathartic hooks, addictive arrangements and irresitible beats. Based in Brooklyn, Foxe Basin tempers artful production value with an experimental electro edge. Kent crafts party jams perched on the fine neon line between accessibility and heartpounding musicianship, while Wolkoff’s interpolating vocal melodies and agile lyrics complete Foxe Basin’s signature sound. Named for a remote, arctic body of water, Foxe Basin’s ever-shifting, immersive sounds will leave you surprisingly hot and restless for more.” (From her official page)

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