Bang! Vol I. compilation by Spastic (2013) – free download!

Bang! Vol I. compilation by Spastic

Bang! Vol I. compilation by Spastic Ladies and gentlemen! I only can hope that you are not so ladies and not so gentlemen, not that mainstream hipsters and not that fake anarchists who are populate the clubs, the subways, all the public and the private places nowadays, invaded our lives and overtaken the whole world. Well, there are still hope, while we all aware that not the hope dying last, but the idiot who are still hoping. Anyway! I actually just wanted to say that Spastic released his firs compilation album, it’s an epic collection of avant-garde/experimental, true-blood underground music, and hell yeah, it’s a free download, so, get your big fat or tight, tinny and skinny asses now and grab it from Sceptic’s Bandcamp page. It will blow your brains out.
It seems Mike Patton and John Zorn made a lot of followers and disciples while we’ve got 31 bands and lots of twisted out, sick stuffs to listening to. As a famous lyrics has said: “the only thing that’s missing is a bitch like you”, maybe only my project, Byzant At Sunset it’s missing from this release, but who knows, maybe next time we will fit in. But then again, this is exclusively my own little “problem” or frustration! The collection it’s flawless, each and every band deliver their own genuine thing and it’s a pretty sharp introspective of the state of the European alternative/underground scene A.D. 2013. Septic did an awesome job and a huge effort to put this compilation together and bring all these bands into our speakers or headphones.

While the first part of the collection it’s populated with the jazz rooted experimental stuffs, the second one focusing on the rock/match rock side. I prefer the first one, but the rock bands are also prove sparkling creativity and technical capability to deliver some brilliant performances.
Just find it funny and intriguing that Septic and I we’re running the same Dead Kennedy’s quote: “If the music’s gotten boring, it’s because of the people who want everyone to sound the same…”. Good old Jello Biafra saw this two decades ago, but we are still the same ignorant motherfuckers!
Shame on me, with very few exception I do not know or heard about most of these bands. In a bought-up world where independent labels are not so independent as we might believe, the real independent labels are hardly can make it through and reach out the (mainly ignorant) audience, where both bands and labels are more dependent of managers and promoters, distributors and critics then of their fans and audience, in a world where independent media is an illusion and there are no truly independent media anymore while everybody is dependent of making a living, so, everybody is for sell if somebody name the right price, it’s almost a miracle that there are still a lot of extraordinary artists and bands who are disregarding the mainstream tendencies are keep on pushing those goddamn envelopes and breaking the ground with stubbornness. On the other hand, as many times I pointed out, I don’t believe there is commercial and non-commercial music, while even the most extreme type of music/noise have its own bigger or smaller followers. There is no good or bad music also, but music what YOU like or dislike, the music that it’s exciting you. But definitively there is interesting music and boring, predictable, “manufactured” and produced in series music. Well, Septic delivered a great collection of exciting, interesting bands and songs. You definitively not gonna get bored.

Hot Head Show kicks in with their “Bang Now”. It’s a solid, jazz based ride merging reggae, ska punk, metal and funk flavors, reminding me of Mr. Bungle in the first place, but having their own personality and doing a really cool border-less journey in their own way. The London based trio is composed of guitarist/vocalist Jordan Copeland (son of Stewart Copeland – known as the drummer for the band The Police) drummer Maxwell “Betamax” Hallett, and bassist Jonah Brody.
Squartet is introduced by their avant-garde jazz song called “Effetto Personale” witch also incorporate some rock elements and grooves. Very cool composition and precisely, technically executed.
WorldService Project unleashed the beast entitled “De-Frienders” which is a Zorn type of free jazz/avant-garde experiment with a twist of Patton flavor. Really cool Brit quintet. Tumultuous, but groovy throughout with awesome changes of tone and even style, from grinding jazzcore they switch up to 8-bit type of electronic breakdowns smoothly as a lightning strike.
Heinz Karlhausen & The Diatonics and their “Scream and call me Tarzan” it’s a vivid mixture of experimental jazz and avant-garde rock with samples of Tarzan’s memorable scream and porn movie voice samples. Extreme stuff, love it! This is a Rotterdam based jazzcore trio formed in 2008. Daniele Martini will prove you again how murderous a saxophone can be if that fragile instrument it’s falling in the wrong hands!
Tom Moto grinding us to the ground with his “Fluidoterapia” which is a mixture of “Gallows Pole” type of rock grooves with funk and jazz elements. Very tight, very intense with a killer bass play of Giulietto Tosi and some sick saxophones by Marco Calcamoto. The drumming of Juri Mazza tie things together perfectly. Another technical, but extremely intense track with roots back to Infectious Grooves, but bringing the whole thing to the very next level.
Tatvamasi it’s a modern, experimental jazz band from Poland and their almost 8 minute journey entitled “Unsettled Cyclists Peloton” will take you throughout all the Klezmer and Jewish avant-garde jazz flavors. The guitar play of Grzegorz Lesiak is really outstanding, but the whole band deliver equally good.
Atomik Clocks are another fine Italian band and “Cash’n’Carry” is one of their representative tracks with their own kind of blending of rock grooves and jazz aromas. The Firenze based band merge smoothly punk, rock and jazz elements to create their own type of groovy madness.
Atomic Paracelze – are from switzerland and delivering a prety Faith No More/Mike Patton flavored type of experimental/avant-garde rock through their “Batcave” song. Really good track, contorted, twisted out, jazz flavored, sick and psycho, but exciting throughout. 😆
Testadeporcu it’s total hardcore and their 01:10 minute “Lo Spacchiuso” it’s a pretty good sample of how madness in audio might sound like. Think of Napalm Death playing jazz and you will have a pretty sharp picture of what this Bologna, Italy based band it’s capable of.
ULTRA ZOOK is a French trio and thir “Aluminium C4” it’s a demonstration of metal rooted heaviness with industrial flavor and jazz boldness. Mike Patton and John Zorn are both might fit in into this sonar picture, reminding me both of Moonchild Trio and Tomahawk. Cool stuff. Intense and neurotic, but tight and groovy throughout.
Alright the Captain and their bloody heavy “Snake Tits” take us in a different direction. It’s a more rock rooted, heavy and not at least dark flavored experiment, got a cool space rock flavor with a strong heavy metal taste. Mandatory to wear helmet for this roller-coaster!
IEPI is a Spanish band and “Veronica Torr” is build upon some heavy bass grooves and killer beats. It’s a modern, experimental, kicking rock song with some funky riffs and tornado like turns and grooves. Really heavy and powerful thing.
Boutros Bubba seems to be a Dutch band and “Half Chicken” it’s a very solid punk rooted, industrial flavored modern post-rock track which easily can be related to bands such as Cop Shoot Cop or The Cardiacs. True alternative for a boring metal/rock mainstream scene overpopulated by fakes and clowns while match-rock is just a meaningless label to cover the emptiness of most of its representatives.
The Schtrebers it’s a trio from Belgrade, the capital and the largest city of Serbia. “Mlevenje Mesa” it’s an intense alternative rock track with a solid groove and driven riffs throughout. Reminded me of H.P. Zinker and some other less famous, but consistent and ground breaking experimental rock bands.
GosHawk are a Math Rock/Noise Rock band from Berlin, Germany singed to Little League Records. “Bretton Woods” it’s a pretty sick and twisted out rock track with a good tension throughout and some really good riffs and bass grooves upon complex rhythmic support. Great and both technical and creative track with some psycho-jazz breakdowns.
GueRRRa it’s – my best guess – an Italian trio consist of Marco Stentella – guitar, Francesco Frabollini – bass and Giulio Marcon – drums. “Golpe ( Live @ Ephebia 2013 )” as you might figure it out, it’s a live recording and a pretty cool demonstration of fury and technical capabilities of the band. Their mixture of punk/hardcore roots and jazz, respectively alternative/progressive rock it’s quite captivating.It’s a nice trip with several good changing of moods and vibes, switching up and down the tempo, turning from intensity to mellow.
Unicornibot from Spain deliverd “Pum Pum Como Una Piedra” – a driven, powerful rock track build upon a strong bass riff and some killer guitar riffs. Their latest release was recorded live and it’s available for free download (name your price) on their Bandcamp page.
You Slut! are a British band founded in 2004 and playing instrumental/experimental math-rock. “Elton Chong” it’s a powerful progressive/match rock anthem build upon solid riffs and groovy rhythmic, spectacular changes and outstanding performance.
Pneu are a two piece math-/post-/hardcore-rock group from France and they bring some experimental madness with their “Grill your eyes”. Total grinding, quite unique and refreshing experiment and performance. Taking on really high speed they still manage to stay musical and insert some memorable melodies. Surprising and really cool.
Jardin De La Croix it’s a band from Madrid, Spain and they are another progressive/match rock quartet. “Colorado Springs” it’s an over 7 minute ride on strong guitar hooks, solid riffs and massive grooves with cool breakdowns into melodious passages.
Town Portal are from Copenhagen whichis the capital of Denmark and they are playing a very powerful type of experimental/progressive/match rock. “Entropia” it’s halfay a dreamy journey, half way a groovy, intense joyride. Technical and musical simultaneously, this is another cool instrumental exploration on the wings and waves of the sound.
Wiltz are an instrumental indie-rock band based out of Wicklow, Ireland – although they gave on their Facebook page a location from Luxembourg. ut of Wicklow, Ireland. Formed in late 2010, the four-piece band, Mark, Robin, Peter & Dave are here with the song called “Trebuchet”. It’s a nice, harmonious and warm match rock trip with some twisted off garage rock riffs and shifts of tonality.
Delta Sleep it’s a band from London and their music it’s a total blending of genres and styles from left-field electronica through rock to jazz. “Jesus Bill” have a little bit of everything, smooth jazz flavors, rock riffs and bluesy vibe in a perfect flow of sounds and feelings. I like especially they explosions, the manner of changing the grooves. Nice one!
Mambo it’s a math rock quartet from Belgium. “Tokyo Tripot” it’s the opening track of their upcoming album “Bertier” set to be released in December. It’s a colorful, feel like waltzing track with really cool guitar work and grooves throughout.
Cleft are a modern progressive rock band from Manchester, UK and their song entitled “Flexous” it’s a nice blending of match and garage rock with progressive flavors. Describing themselves as playing “turbo-prog”, Dan – guitar and John – drums put a lot of energy in their music and that’s paying off in quality, dynamic songs that they create and deliver.
Frank Shinobi it’s an alternative/indie/math/post-rock band from Liege, Belgium and “FS Et Le Poney Jaune” it’s a fever burned trip with a quite meditative vibe. Very expressive, almost pictorial. Inspired by bands such as At the Drive-in, 31 Knots and The Redneck Manifesto, Frank Shinobi reveals new perspectives upon post-rock. Interesting journey. Their latest, 2010 album it’s available on their BandCamp page for free download.
El Tercer Semestre it’s a trio from Sabadell, Spain. “Tropicat” it’s a cool ride between acoustic and electric passages, flowing nicely and groovy between strong riffs and calm, melodious moments.
Perils of Penelope are from Belgium and they mixing smoothly calm and chill electronic passages – with some cool lounge feel – with post rock/match rock explosions. “Carousel” it’s just as its title suggest: a carousel between shoegaze like meditative parts and refreshing, upbeat guitar passages. Interesting. It’s like being awake in a dream. Can grab their latest, 2011 album for free from their Bandcamp page.
Supernormal Prophets are an experimental band from Carlow, Ireland. They mixing experimental vibes with rock riffs and garage sounds, post-hardcore energy with psychedelia. “Gritty Party” might feels like an early Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett composition re-interpreted nowadays with talent and some fury. They self-titled EP was released in March 2013 by Little League Records.
Interlude are from Zaragoza and they merge punk fury with post-rock sensibility. “Entre Aires De Grandeza” it’s a post-hardcore manifest. Reminded me of New Model Army. Good stuff!!
Mental Architects are from Sofia, Bulgaria. The math rock trio formed in 2001 and their “Once Again We Meet At Last” it’s from their 2012 album “Celebrations” considered by some one of the best, or the best match rock album of the year. Definitively colorful, quality work with really cool changes and grooves throughout.

Exhaustive, but exciting journey throughout, although I admit again, not really into the match rock side of the post-rock scene and underground. But I really appreciate the effort of all these artists and bands, as I appreciate the effort of Spastic to put this whole thing together.

Finally, some unrelated shameless self-promotion ( 😆 😆 😆 ):

Bang your heads!!


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