Fish – A Feast of Consequences (2013)

Fish – A Feast of Consequences (2013) Fish is back. It’s been a while. “A Feast of Consequences” is the first album since “13th Star” released in 2008 and the tenth solo studio album since he left Marillion in 1988. Anybody still remember Marillion and those fabulous for albums – “Script for a Jester’s Tear” (1983), “Fugazi” (1984), “Misplaced Childhood” (1985) and “Clutching at Straws” (1987)? Fish was the charismatic figure, the mind behind the concept and the voice of Marillion in those good old days. While Steve Hogarth with a new singer, Steve Hogarth, choose a quite different path after Fish departure, while Fish generally continued the story. Had better and less exciting albums along the way, but he was the same charming voice and sensible story teller and in the Marillion era.
“A Feast of Consequences” it’s not different, eventually this new album sound even more fresher and alive and have a few really good moments, some of them obviously bringing back good-old Marillion memories, as well as the Genesis/Rush/Pink Floyd/Jethro Tull/King Crimson resonances are still vibrating through the songs. This is a very nice, very soulful and colorful album. More I had listen it, more I enjoy it.


And somehow, the second half of the album it’s more convincing, more touchy, makes you listen the whole album one more time. “Thistle Alley” it’s a very intense, memorable, classy Fish composition. “The Leaving” is a heavy, perfumed melange of acoustic and electric moments, of violins and guitar riffs. Probably one of the best Fish songs. The closing “The Unravelling” reminded me of “Incomplete” – featuring the same powerful and sensible Elisabeth Troy Antwi. “All Loved Up” it’s an up-beat, early Marillion type of rock song – in the vein of “Market Square Heroes”. The title track is also a very strong, colorful and beautiful piece, classy Fish composition. Can’t get rid of its chorus.
Fish (Derek W. Dick, age 55) and his current band mates: Robin Boult – guitars, Steve Vantsis – bass, Foss Paterson – keyboards, Gavin Griffiths – drums and Elisabeth Troy Antwi – backing vocals, delivered one of the best solo albums of the artist. Since “Raingods with Zippos” (1999) and “Fellini Days” (2001) I did not enjoyed so much an album by Fish.


01. “Perfume River” (Dick/Vantsis) – 10:58
02. “All Loved Up” (Dick/Vantsis/Boult) – 5:07
03. “Blind To The Beautiful” (Dick/Vantsis/Boult) – 5:12
04. “A Feast Of Consequences” (Dick/Vantsis/Boult) – 4:29
05. “High Wood” (Dick/Paterson) – 5:26
06. “Crucifix Corner” (Dick/Paterson) – 7:25
07. “The Gathering” (Dick/Paterson) – 4:30
08. “Thistle Alley” (Dick/Vantsis/Boult) – 6:08
09. “The Leaving” (Dick/Paterson/Boult) – 4:59
10. “The Other Side Of Me” (Dick/Vantsis/Boult) – 6:08
11. “The Unravelling” (Dick/Vantsis/Boult) – 6:31

The album can only be bought from Fish’s own webshop and at his concerts.

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