Green Day -Tre! (2012)

Green Day - Tre (2012) Why I bother to write about this? Well, probably because I get into this trilogy and after two bitter pills, the deadly strike it’s unavoidable. While “¡Uno!” was not so convincing, and “¡Dos!” was even worst, “¡Tré!” it’s definitively the most forgettable Green Day release ever. And one by one, even some of their most devoted fans are starting to give voice to their disappointment. Honestly, really don’t get it why Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tré Cool and Jason White get so stubbornly ambitious to release a trilogy while they hardly had enough songs for a barley mediocre simple album? And who actually expecting stupid (piano) ballads from – even a Pop – Punk band? And after all, who needs a soft and sweet Green Day these days anyway? Not even my 5 year old son. He prefers Rammstein.
Green Day announced that ¡Tré!’s released date had been pushed forward to December 11, along with the cancellation of the rest of the year’s tour and a postponement of their early 2013 arena tour dates. They also announced that Armstrong will probably hit the rehab while he’s seeking treatment for his serious alcohol issues.

Back to the record, “Tré!” it’s all about mediocrity and cliches dressed up in a kinky 50’s and 60’s Rock’N’Roll evoking outfit. While producer Rob Cavallo said that Green Day “wanted to return to the simplicity of Dookie”, this doo-wop (shoo-be-do) really reflects emptiness and lack of ideas and although they have here and there some better riffs, have several hooks and catchy vocals, but all together it’s very little. “Drama Queen” send us back to The Beatles again, kind of annoying. Really. Then we’ve got some Glam-Rock and Cheap Trick fueled moments, but still not convincing enough. When Frontman Billie Joe also stated that “¡Tre!” would be the most ambitious album of the trilogy, he probably was under influence.
Even the better like “Sex, Drugs & Violence” and “99 Revolutions” are sounding more like self parodies of their previous ego.
The song “99 Revolutions” previously appeared in the film The Campaign – and eventually related to the Occupy movement.

“99 Luftballons”…….. Sadly.


1. “Brutal Love”
2. “Missing You”
3. “8th Avenue Serenade”
4. “Drama Queen”
5. “X-Kid”
6. “Sex, Drugs & Violence”
7. “Little Boy Named Train”
8. “Amanda”
9. “Walk Away”
10. “Dirty Rotten Bastards”
11. “99 Revolutions”
12. “The Forgotten”

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