Rockman – Search and Destroy, EP (2012)

Rockman-searchanddestroy Contorted and blunt, Rockman’s “Serach & Destroy” gonna melt down your loudspeakers and assassinate your neighbors, before set on fire the dance floor down at the club.
R. A. Navarro, aka Rockman, is a producer originally from Colombia. Rockman composes on software and hardware both vintage and new, performing his own sounds and recording his own voice for each piece while avoiding a pigeonholed sonic aesthetic. He explains: “My music is a fusion of Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro House, and 8-bit/Chiptunes. I can go from 174 bpm to 140 bpm with a smooth transition in just one song” – while he’s principal influences are: Aphex Twin, Shigeru Miyamoto, Prodigy, Koji Kondo and Autechre.


With the support of some of the scene’s best D&B producers, a review in Knowledge Magazine (the biggest Dubstep/Drum & Bass mag in the UK), and prior tracks released on Formation Recs UK, Rockman is stepping up to the professional league. Rockman has remixed artists such as A- Sides, Apex, DJ Basher, and DJ SS and has performed live on stages across North and South America. “It’s not DJ Rockman; this is ROCKMAN!”

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