Mr. Pan[k]sament – Doomstep Prophecies – The Remixes (2012) FREE DOWNLOAD!

Remixing isn’t a good business and generally speaking remixers are mainly disconsidered. Half way between sound engineers and musicians, remixers are doomed. If you deliver a better track then the original, the artist will definitively hate you. A friend of mine, Bluetrax explains it precisely: “See, the perfect world of music works like this: if you have a weak production, the remix cannot by any means be better than your original. so, for you as a remixer it’s a waste of time trying to get the best out of you. just try to please the world with some more senseless crap. anyway, that’s how it works most of the time. that’s why so many musicians have to fight for their rights and their money 😉 ”
I lost the numbers on the way, don’t know exactly how many remixes I did this year – already. Many. Probably too many. Here we go, 30 new tracks, FREE DOWNLOAD – in return, eventually you can vote for some of the contests I’m still in: Matisyahu, Kimbra, The Temper Trap  and Jason Mraz. Thanks – appreciate it!

So, can download the whole album, “Doomstep Prophecies” or any track you like singularly, each one of them have a custom graphic/cover, worth to take a look.
We’ve got extremely different artists this time from rapper K’naan to Metalcore outfit Demon Hunter, from Pop icon Kris Allen to Jazzman Robert Glasper and many-many more, featuring Usher, Young London, Rebelution, Justin Nozuka, AMBASSADORS, Twin Atlantic, Rufus Wainwright, Lights Resolve, The Greens, Take the Night, Gossip, Lettercamp, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lamb, etc

Can vote for this remixes I’m still in contests with:
The Temper Trap
Jason Mraz

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