Morbid Angel – Illud Divinum Insanus – The Remixes (2012)

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Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum Insanus - The Remixes (2012) Some conservative death metal fans definitively hated “Illud Divinum Insanus”, the last year released Morbid Angel album because Mr. Vincent and his band mates delivered also some industrial and modern metal sounds and fans considered this an act of betray. Those fans definitively should stay away from this double remix album set to be released on 28th February. Although, “Illud Divinum Insanus” made it to my favorite 150 albums of 2011, so I was quite excited about this remix project.
On this compilation featuring 39 artists and they pushing the butchery even further, twisting Morbid Angel into the more noisier, electronic, but quite sick area of music. From contorted industrial remixes to wobbling dubstep out-takes, “Illud Divinum Insanus – The Remixes” it’s definitively the ultimate trip to hell and back.

A remix of “Too Extreme” by Metallizer (aka John Lord Fonda) can be listen on Season of Mist’s Facebook page.


01. I Am Morbid (We Are Laibach) (Wall Of Morbid Mix) (Laibach) 3:28
02. OmniDead (Cevin KeyHiwatt – Marchall) 5:01
03. Too Extreme (Black Symphony Edition) (Brain Leisure) 4:59
04. 10 More Dead (The Toxic Avenger) 3:39
05. I Am Morbid (Malakwa) 5:20
06. Too Extreme (Synapscape) 4:30
07. Destructos Vs. The Earth (DoomsdayMarchMix) (Punish Yourself – Sonic Area) 5:50
08. Too Extreme (Hiv+) 5:05
09. I Am Morbid (Micropoint) 5:42
10. Too Extreme (Metallizer Remix) (John Lord Fonda) 4:03
11. Radikult (Evil Activities) 4:14
12. Too Extreme (Mixhell) 5:13
13. I Am Morbid (Black Lung) 5:43
14. Radikult (Mondkopf) 5:25
15. Existo Vulgoré (Xytras) 4:14
16. I Am Morbid (I Am Toxik) (Toxic Engine) 4:40

01. I Am Morbid (Ahnst Anders) 5:49
02. Destructos Vs. The Earth – Attack (Nachtmahr) 3:54
03. Profundis – Mea Culpa (Tim Skold) 4:35
04. 10 More Dead (Black Strobe) 4:44
05. Too Extreme (Miss Construction by Chris Pohl) 4:32
06. Destructos Vs. The Earth – Attack (Project Pitchfork) 7:35
07. 10 More Dead (Treponem Pal) 5:12
08. I Am Morbid (Evolution Mix) (Scott Brown) 5:18
09. Radikult (Fixhead) 4:04
10. I Am Morbid (DJ Ruffneck) 5:50
11. Remixou Morbidou (Igorrr) 2:47
12. I Am Morbid (Le Chant Du Cygne Remix) (Tamtrum) 4:44
13. 10 More Dead (Tek-One) 5:09
14. I Am Morbid (Adrian) 5:43
15. Existo Vulgoré (The Horrorist) 5:21

From extremely dark re-works as Project Pitchfork’s “Destructos Vs. The Earth – Attack” to the dubstep take of The Toxic Avenger on “10 More Dead”, from the aggressive EBM/aggrotech of Micropoint on “I Am Morbid” to the twisted build-op of Laibach on the same track, this compilation might be the ultimate weapon of sonic mass-destruction.
I really enjoyed this one, but it’s definitively not recommended to conservative death metal fans, but to open-minded individuals ready for some extreme exploration. Intense quality noises.

Morbid Angel – Official Site
Morbid Angel @ Season of Mist

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