Stellardrive – ERS-4 Speak, Memory (2010)

Built upon post-rock/post-hardcore structures, Stellardrive juggling between heavy and noisy elements and quieter, smoother, but pretty gloomy moments. If life is a labyrinth and we should have a musical background for it, well, this might be one of the proper options.
Stellardrive is an instrumental quintet from from Besançon, France created in 2005. The band initiated the ERS series in 2005, with two EPs “ERS-1” in 2005 and “ERS-2” in 2007 (digital releases), grouped on their first physical release “Omega Point” (Le Sonotone Rec., Impure Muzik, Inter-Over, Believe) in 2007. The third EP “ERS-3: ECOTONE”, both physical and digital released, was out in 2008. “ERS-4 Speak, Memory” was released in September 2010 and continue the exploration of the boundaries of the music delivering another beautiful piece of their music puzzle.

S̩bastien Рbass guitar, keyboards and programming, Nicolas Рguitar, St̩phane Рdrums, Charlie Рguitar & keyboards and R̩mi РVJ & keyboards delivered seven fresh tracks, a tumultuous journey between moments of calm and energy full explosions, nicely connected between them and naturally flowing together, creating atmosphere and kind of cinematic performance.
Interesting and exciting, a trip worth to take.

Unfortunately, they “sharing” their name with Stellar Drive, a rock band based in the Detroit area, and this might be confusing.

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