The Resurrection is featured prominently in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scriptures while the death and resurrection of Jesus is the central focus of Christianity. Resurrection is a false promise meant to tempered our fear before death or it’s an expression of hope? I was always preoccupied why in The New Testament are four Gospels  – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – telling consequently the same story with few differences. I always felt it is a kind of need to proof and confirm this story, rather than record historical facts. The story of resurrection of Jesus is ambiguous just like his life between infancy and baptism. It’s pretty strange why Mary Magdalene was almost erased from all of the Gospels, but she play the main role in the resurrection of Jesus, actually being the first person to see Jesus after he rose from the dead, according to John 20 and Mark 16:9.

There are many questions left unanswered and many more just led us to other questions. For some people faith is a strong enough answer to replace facts as others staggering by lack of faith – and facts. Springtime it’s the resurrection of the nature, a resurrection that may inspired men for his own hope of resurrection and cyclical vision of life.

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