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A new stage in this artistic project bringing together 100 works and artists, around the bust and helmet of Darth Vader. The Vader Project was held at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. A free graphic interpretation to be discovered in the rest of the article.

The Vader Project (more…)

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I’ve got a great series of art for you to enjoy today that mashes together several classic album covers with Star Wars and other classic movies. The series comes from digital artist Steven Lear of Why the Longplay Face? The stuff that he’s come up with is really quite entertaining and amusing. I’ve included a bunch of his creations below, but you can find even more on Facebook. All of them turned out extremely well.

Classic album covers gets Star Wars overhaul (more…)

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Star Wars Actors Then And Now 01 Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher 1977 - 2015

Star Wars Actors Then And Now 01 Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher 1977 – 2015

Almost two generations have passed since the first Star Wars film was released in cinemas, and over the last 38 years, a total of six feature length movies have graced the silver screen. Now, with Episode VII already released to select audiences, is the perfect time to see how our beloved actors have changed over the years. (more…)

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Birth of a new myth

Fascinated by the construction of myths & idols, I have created a new series that brings together ancient classical art and modern “Starwars” culture. (more…)

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