Sinan Kaya – Punch and Bloom (2012)

Sinan Kaya – Punch and Bloom It’s all about the perfume, the mysterious aromas, the veil of smoke, the vibe, the groove and the pulse of the life itself expressed by the magic of the sounds. “Smoke In The Streets”, the opening track of Sinan Kaya debut full-length album take us the universe of the untold stories of the “One Thousand and One Nights”, hypnotize you and rock you into it while you can almost touch the smoke floating around. Then Sinan Kaya lead us gently through his raw beats and smoothly dislocated, subtle and floating sounds, mixing up Oriental aromas with Jazz vibes, minimalist Techno beats with Deep House pulses and Dub fueled sounds. He merge the Magic of simple things hidden in Life with the pleasure of dancing through the night nice and easily.
“No Negotiation” reveals some smooth Jazz infusions, a discrete piano runs throughout the song gave it a special taste while the beat keeps you moving. From the same area is “One Fine Day” too, while the beats are pumping, the music is made up of sparkling sounds and slowly moving layers creating a nice, intimate contrast. Read more Sinan Kaya – Punch and Bloom (2012)